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Coaching at Memories of Light

We all run into things in life from time to time that we don't know how to deal with. We may experience the same thing over and over again and take a small step in the right direction with each experience.
Progress is slow if you continue to act from what you are familiar with.

Coaching is usually focused on your mental body but you also have a spiritual body. From this body you will be coached at Memories of Light. This means that we will also look at the spiritual powers that are present in you. Often unaware of the possibilities that are sleeping or slumbering in us and would like to awaken.

In your spiritual self there are many different layers of consciousness. When you come for coaching at Memories of Light your spiritual body becomes more active. By involving your spiritual body in your life your life energy will flow better and your mental body, your emotional body and your physical body will be touched and cleansed.

You learn to look at life situations from a different perspective so things become clear to you and you will make other choices from understanding and love for yourself. This in turn creates more self-confidence.

With the awakening of a higher level of consciousness things become clear and situations that you have been struggling with can sometimes disappear like snow in the sun. Sometimes it takes a little more time depending on how deeply something is integrated.

Grant yourself the contact with your spiritual self or the deepening of the contact with your spiritual self and make an appointment.
The coaching can be at my practise or online.

Costs: 90 euro per hour 

The first appointment is for free just to find out how we match together.
For us both to feel if we feel comfortable together.
The first free session is only freewhen you would like to plan more sessions.