Step into the best version of yourself  

Are you also so curious about what else is inside of you. Somewhere you know that there is more. Somewhere you know that there is much more than the life you are living now. 

You know that you can do much more than you are doing now.
You just don't know what or how to achieve it.
Perhaps you are interested in the spiritual side of life or you are religious.

It may also be that you have already followed a Mastership of yoga or Reiki or something else then this is a wonderful addition to sink much deeper into yourself.

Everyone can step into this Mastership.
You learn to be master of yourself. You learn to recognize and acknowledge who you deeply are. You get acquainted with your universal self and learn to live from here.

What it brings you:

- Knowledge and understanding about yourself, your     
  thinking patterns and actions

- Knowledge about energy and how to 
  and how to feel it and distinguish it.

- You learn to use your 6th sense

- You learn to work together and you become more and more   
 more joyful, feel more and more peace   
 and understanding and love for yourself

- self-assurance

- Introduction to your unique self and how to  
  deal with this

- Learning to recognize and deal with your 
  You are a magical creature and you may see   
  to see, feel and experience this again.

- The path brings healing, a deep understanding 
  of humanity and working with nature 
  nature, elements, angels and   
  ascended masters.

- You learn how to tune in to the heart frequency of another 
  heartbeat of another or the people 
  people around you so you can understand each other as well as possible. 
  understand each other as well as possible.

- you get acquainted with many soul parts you   
  learn to accept and embrace them again 
  and you learn to forgive yourself.

What does the training program look like:

For now it is 1 on 1 coaching sessions.
This can be 1 on 1 in practice but it can also be 1 on 1 via messenger or teams. Just what your preference is.

Every session it will be your soul who decides what will be done.

What to expect:
It is a tough process. You will go through many things. Past lives, karmic pieces, family karma, unconscious creations in which you have had a part. Soul parts that may return because they have been separated by trauma.

You learn to trust your feelings together with your thinking. All protection that was there may be removed. Your soul may be free again, healed and as one, whole. You don't have to feel torn or lost etc. anymore. The negativity comes off and a lot of positivity takes its place.

I feel while I'm talking to you where your life energy is not flowing. Together we will find out where the lock of the door is and how to put the key in. What may you become aware of and from what perspective may you start experiencing.
It asks of you openness and honesty. Not for me but for yourself and your own growth.

How long the process takes I can not estimate in advance. It is up to you how quickly you pick up things and what you have done before in this life and have become aware of. That really does not necessarily have to do with spirituality. Sometimes spiritual growth can even get in the way.

The process is to agree on a session each time.

How much time you need to let things sink in varies from person to person.
 The first time it might be a longer session of e.g. 2 hours and then not for a month. It depends on you what you feel you need.

You learn to be responsible for your creations and therefore also for your own learning process. Feel what you need. You will be guided, trust that.

A personal session usually has a lot of impact and really needs to sink in for a while.

a session of 1 hour costs 90 euros
After the first session you can order 5 sessions of which the 5th is free.

For 5 sessions you then pay 360 euros.

Would you like to register or do you have any questions, please contact me.

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