Meditating many people struggle with it.
Sitting in meditation position and then? Being present in silence?

For me, this is not necessarily meditation. Meditation for me is about making deep contact with yourself and what is happening or present within you.

Sometimes it can be very quiet and soothing but sometimes so much is happening in your life or you have received so many stimuli that even if you sit down and compulsorily enter that quietness, it does not work.

For me, after all the hustle and bustle, it's about taking a moment of rest for yourself where everything that has happened is allowed to be there. Everyone has their own way of coming to rest. For me, it's all about resting and bringing everything that has happened to the fore and feeling the feelings right through, so that you can actually put your system back in order after a chaotic day.

By doing that you stay in order internally and no chaos arises. Everything remains orderly and is processed appropriately.
Therefore, if you have had many busy days, chaos will arise if you do not take your moments of rest. We take far too little rest and as a result life runs away with us.

By keeping it orderly and tidy in you, you come deeper and deeper into yourself and you start living from a deeper self from which healing and wisdom comes.
You start appreciating yourself more and more and you get a deeper and deeper trust in yourself.

So for me meditation is not sitting still in meditation. I very often lie down comfortably or sit on the couch or bed and just do nothing for a while. I close my eyes and just let everything pass by that has passed by. This just goes by itself. So relaxing and eyes closed but not falling asleep or afterwards falling asleep. Others can do this better walking in nature. That too is fine. Everyone in his own way.
Others like to relax under guidance and make contact with their deeper self.

I have meditations for this that also help you to become aware of yourself and what is hidden within you. Meditations that support you, can be self-healing if you go deep enough into them, and are relaxing. Would you like to try a meditation on you tube there is a free meditation and in the store you can find  nice meditations to buy for 10 euro each.


Treasures of the Earth:
 It is a beautiful meditation. What I experienced is a deep peace.
You tell it well. Everything is good actually.
Patricia Johnson

Meditation Mother earth, guardian angel and 4 archangels, free on you tube:
What a beautiful meditation. Thank you so much!
Annie Funk