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I am Chella Sanders, mother of 3 children, I am 50 years old.
The new time has come and like everyone else, I too have made the transition from old to new.
So what is this new age?

The energy of us and how we use that energy has changed.
Before, we lived mainly from our heads. Everything had to be thought about deeply before decisions were made.
Right now, and for some time, the energy of the heart has been supported more. So now we are going to live more from the heart.
The head , the thinking gets a different function. It becomes supportive of the heart.
What we really want and what we really are deep inside is what we are allowed to pay attention to. That is what is supported from our soul and that is what may also be supported by our brain.

However, what we really want are things that our minds often say.....dream on because this is never achievable in this life. In this system, this society.

Our minds are stuck in many different patterns and in those patterns there is no room for following your heart.

However, everything is exactly the opposite now.
If you just resolve to live from your heart and soul, space will open up for you and in an unexpected way things will start to change for you. You still have some control over some things and not at all over others.

As creatures of habit, we do not like change, but with the necessary guidance to support you in seeing other perspectives and help you understand what is happening during all these changes, you will get through it a lot easier.
This is a time when we need to support each other through the changes and help each other understand.

Your spiritual self helps you bridge from living from your mind to living from your heart. Life is not meant to struggle. Life is meant to be enjoyed and be at peace and in harmony with ourselves and others and create from there.

I took the step in early 2022 to start for myself again from work.
I had done this before so I knew how it works but yes the energy has changed so everything seemed to have changed and I had to start looking at things anew. This time start working completely from my heart, from who I am and what I do best. That which makes me unique.

Kind regards,

Chella Sanders

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