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Thanks for coming to meet me!
My name is Chella Sanders.
I am a mother of 3 children, I am 50 years old and live in Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands
I currently work as a coach/energetic therapist, blood collection worker and nurse in vaccination care. 

I started practicing Reiki from 1997 and became a Reiki Master in 2011. I did all kinds of shamanic courses and learned to work with guides and angels this all eventually came together in my own practice.

I started my own practice in 2022 because I felt strongly that I had to do so.
I also had my own practice from 2011 to 2016 but due to a divorce I stopped everything then. After many new insights and experiences, that love for spirituality emerged all over again.

So in 2022 I chose to start following my heart again and listen to what my heart and soul are telling me, regardless of whether it seems logical or wise to start doing but it has to feel safe and secure.
Your heart is usually not logical.

So this is what I coach people in. 
Living from the heart and soul is what makes your life so much easier and lighter. 
I help you to learn to understand life from your spiritual self.
If you know how you are put together and you know how life reacts to you and why, then it is a lot easier to move through life. 

You will learn to see through the communication you have with yourself and adjust it to what you need where results can sometimes be experienced quite quickly or even immediately. 
If you understand yourself from your spiritual self and allow this part of you into your life then you will become calmer, you will become less and less triggered, you will gain more and more confidence in yourself and the steps you take and decisions you make through new experiences.
You will feel more love for all that you are and start to experience and you will start to accept things more easily, so you will start to experience less stress in your life and experience more joy and peace and space for yourself.

The way we have grown up and the way the world is currently set up makes us all feel that we have to work very hard to be happy or to have the life we want.
Most of all, we have to sacrifice ourselves a lot where we are constantly stressed and one after another comes home with burn out.

None of the above is less true. It is all true but from a spiritual point of view it means something totally different.
The hard work has to do with learning to allow our soul more. We have forgotten how to allow our souls and open our hearts. We live from our heads and not from our hearts. That transition is difficult for many people because we are so used to our mind being in charge. The one being sacrificed is the Ego and that is not difficult once you have experienced the difference between your soul and your ego. The ego may start letting go but has some difficulty in doing so.

So you see that the inner knowledge is present to live a happy life only interpreted by the ego and not the soul, we have created a life of much stress, hard work and sacrifice while the life was created to love and enjoy and to be able to discover and move forward in a fine and pleasant way. We are allowed to enjoy life from a relaxed state of being. We are allowed to be curious and see what will flow from it. We get to trust what life brings us and we get to enjoy living our lives, together or alone.

I can get so happy and proud when a penny drops and people suddenly understand that things can be very easy purely by having become aware through knowing and experiencing.
It is always very beautiful to see that they themselves know how to open the door with the right key.

Since I made the choice to start my own practice and live from my heart a lot has happened in my life.
Many new and fun things but also exciting and difficult. But the difficult and exciting moments were much easier to go through because I have faith in myself and what I am doing and because I know that when you have gone through it things change for the better. Daring to stand fully behind a choice of yourself regardless of what those around you may or may not think because many think you are making the wrong choice. Making a choice from the heart is never a wrong choice for you, no matter how illogical it may seem to others. It is not to you.

If you are going to live from your heart and thus make other choices, you are influencing the lives of others. You will be seen and heard by simply being yourself and being there for yourself.

Are you open to let your heart speak and make the world more beautiful?
You are welcome!

With kind regards,
Chella Sanders

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